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March 2015

Big Pitch Radio interview with Jon Weisblatt, CEO of UpgradeUSA
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August 2014

A Trillion Dollar Market, By the People, For the People, whitepaper by Foundation Capital

“We see transformational change ahead not just for lending, but for the entire financial services industry, from consumer and SMB finance to payments to equity, insurance and beyond.” (Read More…)

March 2014

Alternative Consumer Financing Models Emerge in U.S. Retail Segment, First Annapolis Navigator

“It is clear that the dislocation of traditional credit providers has been a catalyst for the pursuit of alternatives.” (Read More…)

May 2013

Texans for Economic Progress

“UpgradeUSA puts technology in the hands of those who are at risk of being left out of the digital age. Through a unique online program, new and refurbished laptop and tablet computers are leased to customers who have trouble building credit.” (Read More…)

July 2012

UpgradeUSA Debuts to Help Consumers Build Credit Through Innovative Laptop Payment Plans (Press Release)

“We have created a program that makes it easier for people to afford the latest mobile computer technology with fair, affordable payment plans, and our program provides the added benefit of helping people build and improve credit with each payment.”

June 2012

UpgradeUSA Offers Chance To Lease Computer, Improve Your Credit (Austin American-Statesman)

“The economy of the past few years has impacted a lot of really good people in some pretty bad ways. Traditional lenders have become more conservative, and we see that as an opportunity because we look beyond the narrow criteria of raw credit scores when approving people who apply to our program.” – CEO Jon Weisblatt

Bridging Industries: Journalism Alumnus and High-Tech Executive Creates Online Computer Leasing Company (University of Texas at Austin)

Based in Austin, UpgradeUSA helps students, immigrants and people who have recently gone through bankruptcy or othewrise cannot afford to pay full price for a computer. (Read More…)

May 2012

Neglected No More: High-End Electronics for Low-Income Masses (PandoDaily)

Here’s a story that’s all too familiar for low-income families. You pay your bills and don’t over-leverage your credit. But then the unexpected happens: Someone comes down with a serious illness. First, you’ve got to deal with the illness yourself. But even when the battle against the illness is over, the medical bills remain, damaging your credit score. This pain point has ramifications for years as you try to rebuild your credit score, which affects everything from your chances of finding a place to rent, right down to your ability to buy a new laptop. That’s where UpgradeUSA comes in. (Read More…)

 Austin Entrepreneur Leasing Laptops (Austin Business Journal)

“It’s a matter of doing good while doing business.” (Read More…)

April 2012

KXAN (Austin, TX NBC affiliate)