Jon Weisblatt

Founder & CEO

Jon Weisblatt is a hard-charging, passionate, results-focused leader in high-tech. Jon founded UpgradeUSA in 2011 after developing key marketing, management, and problem-solving skills during a 20-year career working for and consulting to some of the largest companies in the high-tech world.

Jon began his career in Washington, DC as a crisis management consultant, worked as an opposition researcher for the 1994 Congressional election cycle, and played a lead role in the launch of the first PCS network in the United States in 1995.

Once Jon got a taste of high-tech, he moved to the San Francisco Bay Area where he was responsible for marketing and public relations work for several companies during the dot-com boom. One of his key clients was Hewlett-Packard, and Jon helped guide HP’s outbound marketing and messaging to bridge the transition from its well-regarded Unix-based workstation business to the PC platform. This successful transition helped HP quickly garner 70 percent market share in this emerging space.

In 1998, Dell hired Jon for his experience in the workstation and business PC and laptop markets. Jon won several company awards for his work with the workstation team, and was then asked to work directly for Michael Dell to manage his CEO programs and profile. Following this year-long stint, Jon worked in several other parts of the business, including small business and large enterprise business segments, consumer, services, systems management software, business alliances, enterprise business planning, and outbound marketing.

Jon left Dell in 2008 to found WhiteLeaf Marketing LLC, a high-tech consultancy. While consulting, Jon saw the market opportunity that UpgradeUSA provides, and is combining the small-business experiences and mentality from his upbringing with his big-company skills to meet the needs of a large set of underserved customers. Jon spends his free time doing all kinds of fun things with spouse Karen and children Ethan and Eliana.

Jon holds a Bachelors of Journalism degree from the University of Texas at Austin.