Welcome to UpgradeUSA! I’m happy to have you here.

I’d like to personally welcome you to UpgradeUSA.com, your source for online payment plans that help business get the technology they need to grow.

When we created UpgradeUSA in 2011, we wanted to deliver something different than other payment plans in the market. We wanted to offer products that oozed quality, and carried reasonable monthly prices – but most of all, we wanted to create a service that helped people get to a better station in life through building better credit. We’re not a credit repair company, so our program by itself didn’t get people all the way there, but we gave people a much-needed start.

When we talked to customers before we launched the business, we heard a few phrases that stuck with us. Things like – and these are direct quotes from actual customers – “it’s hard to find someone to give you a chance if you’ve made a few mistakes in your lifetime” and “[other companies] promise to help you, but when they see my credit score they try to hike up the prices. They tell me one thing then do another.”

Then we looked at what payment plan options people had when they have bad credit or no credit.

  •  We asked large online and big store retailers what happens when people are declined for their in-house or in-store financing, and we watched them shrug and lose interest in us as customers.
  • We visited local rent-to-own stores and learned about their high fee structure and, in some cases, how prices can float higher based on credit scores.
  • We heard from people who have worked in the payday loan industry, and found that they want people to be late on their payments, because that’s when late fees kick in, and managers like those late fees.
  • And then we shopped online and didn’t find many payment plan options for quality computers there.
  • We started to hear from small business owners – they were in the same predicament. No one is extending them credit.

And as people who know the computer business, we decided that we could do better than that. There are plenty of people and businesses in this country who deserve better. That’s why, at UpgradeUSA, you’ll find quality products, a team that genuinely wants to help customers, and a business that isn’t built on fees.

The Website you are looking at is the direct result of needs expressed by customers just like you. Today, our customers are a true mix of America – they are entrepreneurs, lawyers, CPAs, video producers…we have all ages and races represented here.

The UpgradeUSA program is built to meet the needs of a variety of organizations, and the basic building blocks are the same: The quality of the products we offer is fantastic, the plans we offer are extremely fair, and our “what you see is what you pay” price model is designed to offer a better value than any of our competitors, online or offline.

Compare prices, quality, and benefits against any other company offering laptop payment plans. If you see a better deal elsewhere, with a better payoff schedule, please tell us about it. Believe me, I want to know!

We hope you like what you see here, and are delighted by our program. We strive to offer an outstanding experience for every one of our customers. The press is pretty excited about it too.

If you have any feedback at all, please use our Contact Us form to reach us. I personally read every email sent there, and I want to hear from you.

Enjoy UpgradeUSA, and thanks in advance for your business!

Jon Weisblatt