Some companies put spyware on laptops to spy on their customers. We don’t. Here’s why.

Recently, the Federal Trade Commission came to a decision about unscrupulous rent-to-own dealers who used software to spy on their customers.

UpgradeUSA does not participate in any such activity, and we never have. We do not use spyware, we do not believe in spyware, and we have no interest in spying on our customers. We’re in the business of helping people build better credit, and providing them access to a quality computer they need for home, work, or school. We are not in the business of peeking into our customers’ private lives.

Please feel confident in knowing that UpgradeUSA is a company that acts in an open and honest way with our customers, and we do our best to ensure that we provide high-quality customer service and outstanding products to our customers. This is who we are, and it will always be a hallmark of our business.

You can read our press release here.