Students, teachers, and school administrators can all benefit from our technology payment plans.

Bringing new technology into schools has been challenging US educators for decades. Raising funds, issuing bonds, and garnering community support can be messy and complex, and no one wants to issue a bond for computing infrastructure that could become obsolete in the near future. That’s a waste of money, time, and energy.

Most of all, teachers and administrators want students to be competitive. Some more wealthy school districts across the country have been able to provide (or raise funds to provide) computers or tablets for every student. To combat this, larger and less-wealthy districts are using terms like “bring your own device” (BYOD) to address the gap between students who are able to use the latest technology, out of fear that their students will fall behind. Many times schools will suggest that if all students can afford is a smartphone, they should bring it – but it can be very challenging to learn anything substantive, or do math, on a smartphone’s tiny screen.

Fortunately, UpgradeUSA is delivering an innovative technology solution for US schools to help their students remain competitive. Our technology in education lease program will help you select high-quality, new, state-of-the-art equipment such as laptops or tablets with other components including carts and SMART boards that a school might need, and provides pricing as a single bundle.

By leasing from UpgradeUSA, school districts can eliminate the need for bonds to raise capital for technology purchases for education. The technology they need becomes part of an operating budget spread over a few years, rather than a one-time expense.

And in UpgradeUSA’s program, the district will own the technology when the lease is complete, with no balloon payment or buyout at the end. They can keep and continue to use it, circulate the technology to other schools, or even sell it on the open market to recover some of their costs.

Everyone wins this way:

  • Students win, because they have modern and more durable computer technology to work with
  • Teachers win, because they can bring the latest instructional material to their students and help them compete
  • Administrators win, because they don’t have to pursue bonds for depreciating computer equipment and can instead focus on improving other areas of their school systems.

We are passionate about the success of our country’s educational system and are proud to partner with some of the technology industry’s largest players to assemble outstanding customized and K-12 education-specific leasing solutions for our customers. UpgradeUSA is also a Google for Education Partner, and we have worked with schools across the country to enable them with affordable and easily-managed Google-based solutions.

Please contact us at 866-989-0003 or through our online form, and we can share our ideas with you today!

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