Technology payment plans built for your busy lifestyle.
We bring together quality and consistency to help our customers get the latest and greatest, without breaking their budgets.

UpgradeUSA’s offers people across the country some of the industry’s best payment plans for the latest technology for home, work or school. Our programs that are designed to meet your individual needs:

We offer two types of lease payment plan programs at UpgradeUSA: our PaymentPlanOutlet program for consumers, and our traditional UpgradeUSA program for Small Businesses. is a way for consumers to get some fantastic technology products such as desktops, tablets or laptops on payment plans that fit their budget. It is a “no credit check” program, it’s entirely online, and customers have access to a premium variety of today’s best technology! Best of all, $49 (plus sales tax) is all you need for the shipping process to start. At, you’ll find a great selection of top products and brands at affordable prices. Search for your favorite product here:, and apply today!

UpgradeUSA’s Small Business program brings the best in small business technology to the nation’s small businesses, on an affordable online-only lease program. Customers have the option to exercise a very generous early buyout option at any time. Business leases typically end at 21 months, at which point the customer can make a couple of additional payments and own the computer, or send it back to us. This program is available in all 50 states.

We encourage people to apply to the program that best suits their needs – let’s get started together!