Which Program Fits Your Needs?

Let’s get your application in the right place.


UprgradeUSA provides our customers with choices in payment plans. Please pick the one that best meets your needs.

Build Credit for your BusinessBuild Credit - Apply Today http://www.upgradeusa.com/sites/default/files/person%20no%20credit%20check%20button.png

More detail about these choices:

Business Customers will want to fill out our business application. We have access to thousands of great products at fantastic monthly prices, and we help our customers build credit with D&B with each payment. It helps customers lower their capital expenses while building credit, and helps to stretch budgets. We can do business leases as low as $1000 – great for an office that just needs a little bit of IT equipment to get started. You can read more at our small business page.

People who want to build credit will find that the trade lines that we provide can have a dramatic impact on their ability to qualify for a mortgage or refi at a decent rate. The UpgradeUSA payment plan program works very well for people who want to build credit and need an installment payment reported to all three credit bureaus.

People who are looking for a no-credit-needed payment plan have a variety of options at our sister site, PaymentPlanOutlet.com. There you will find a variety of products including gaming laptops, Apple laptops, tablet computers, and more – all new, all online, all on reasonable payment plans.

About Our Customers

Our customers hail from a variety of backgrounds – they may:

  • have no credit at all
  • be small business owners balancing a budget
  • be rebuilding after bankruptcy
  • be working to rebuild after a nasty divorce
  • have just overcome personal/family medical debt and are looking to rebuild
  • seek an alternative to traditional finance models

Let us know where you fit, and we’ll help get you into the payment plan that works best for you.