• Small-Ticket Leases

    We work with businesses of all sizes to help them with their technology leasing needs. Our customers have technology needs that generally fall below the requirements of large leasing companies – which makes UpgradeUSA the perfect company for you.

    According to industry research, more than 80% of large companies lease something in their business. However, that number is much lower for small businesses. Why is that? Because traditional lenders tend to shy away from small businesses, and lease companies don’t like to put forth the effort for small deals.

    UpgradeUSA is different. We were founded in 2011 to help our customers get affordable laptop payment plans. We have since broadened our mission, and we now help small businesses get the technology they need on lease payment plans that are fair and make sense. We know that the volume of technology required by small businesses will be different than large companies; that’s why we’ll do deals as small as a single laptop.

    Let us know what your business needs by contacting us – our trained team will be happy to see if we can help!

  • Easy Early Buyout

    Here’s an innovative idea: when your business starts to really cook and you want to pay off your lease early, you can do it here – at a lower amount each month. This is something that is unique to UpgradeUSA, and offers a tremendous benefit to our customers. Don’t be put off by a lease that seems to never end – when you are ready to own the computer equipment, just exercise your early buyout option at UpgradeUSA.

    We understand the cash flow challenges that small businesses face. More than 80 percent of large businesses lease, but very few small businesses lease. That’s because it’s very hard for a small business to obtain and build credit, so they can’t get approved. The UpgradeUSA lease payment plans can be a stepping stone towards building your business. Let us help your small business grow the right way: by helping you better manage cash flow and not get crushed by interest-accruing debt.

    UpgradeUSA small business lease

  • Stretch Your Capital

    As a business owner or manager, you know that available capital is your single most important asset. So why spend it all on buying expensive computer equipment up-front? Leasing – with the option to own at any time – makes a ton of sense to help your budget go farther.

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  • Incredible Product Selection

    At UpgradeUSA, all we do is technology lease payment plans for small businesses.

    You won’t find heavy equipment or furniture at UpgradeUSA, we are a technology-oriented company that helps small business propel themselves forward.

    We carry all of your favorite products from the industry’s best brands: Dell, Lenovo, Apple, Cisco, HP and more – everything on a lease payment plan, all designed around your small business.

    Because your small business’ needs and preferences are unique, we can help you select and obtain the equipment you need to help your business grow – all on affordable payment plans, customized for you. We regularly help customers with the following kinds of products and services:

    • Laptop computers for mobile professionals
    • Desktop computers, ideal for office workers, call centers, point-of-sale systems, and medical offices
    • Graphic workstations for design professionals and engineers
    • Servers and firewalls with site licenses for managed service providers
    • and much, much more

    The diversity of our customers is reflected in the diversity of products we carry. We have access to literally hundreds of thousands of products in the technology sector, and we are built to address the needs of your business.

    View a small sample of our products here.

    And if there’s a solution you have in mind for your specific business – from a full digital signage solution, RFID deployment, immersive telepresence room, etc. – we can work with your preferred vendor. Our team does this kind of work every single day, and we’re always hungry to learn more about new ways businesses are  using technology.

    Let us know how we can help you get the technology you need to help your business and employees excel!