Charter schools can especially benefit from our payment plans for technology.

According to the National Alliance for Public Charter Schools, there are now more than 6,000 charter schools in the United States, teaching more than 2.2 million students, with more than 1 million on waiting lists. This represents phenomenal growth for a teaching concept that was relatively new in the early 1990s.

The results of this movement have been impressive, with a higher percentage of students accepted into colleges or universities. New learning models are emerging, engaging students as never before. Clearly, as a whole, the movement is performing well.

Providing these public schools with the quality and innovation they require can lead to new questions about technology and how it is presented and supported in a learning environment – this includes everything from information sharing among students to the administration of online testing tools.

Obtaining the required technology can be a challenge. When faced with choosing between capital expenses such as a new facility security system and revamping technology, charter schools can get caught in the middle. Both are important, but like most businesses, capital is constrained.

That’s where UpgradeUSA comes in. We can help schools, including charter schools, lease the technology they need so that they can spread out payments over two or three years, instead of paying for it all up front. Our lease program can help schools package technology acquisition into a single monthly payment, which could include desktops for computer labs, laptops or tablets for instructional materials or testing, carts-on-wheels (COWs), and even SMART boards.The concept applies to student-facing technology as well as administrative equipment.

The technology leases we offer – partnering with Google and others – can be customized to exactly what your school needs, but keeps it all as one monthly payment. Our customers generally find it easier to make regular payments out of their operating budgets rather than their capital budgets.  Once the lease is over, schools can keep and continue to use it, circulate the technology to other schools, or even sell it on the open market to recover some of their costs.

Everyone wins this way:

  • Students win, because they have modern computer technology to work with
  • Teachers win, because they can bring the latest instructional material to their students and help them compete
  • Administrators win, because they don’t have to pursue bonds for depreciating computer equipment and can instead focus on improving other areas of their school systems.

We are passionate about the success of our country’s educational system and are proud to partner with some of the technology industry’s largest players to assemble outstanding customized and K-12 education-specific leasing solutions for our customers – including charter schools!

Please contact us at 866-989-0003 or through our online form, and we can get you a quote today!

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