For Your Business or School: UpgradeUSA’s lease program helps businesses better manage costs.Small business computer leasing

UpgradeUSA can help your business or school afford the technology you need through our innovative online monthly payment system. No need to squeeze budgets for one-time capital expenses – now you get what you need through fixed monthly expenses.

Many lease companies say they help small business, but it can be a challenge to find a company that will help new companies, such as a startup or entrepreneur, get the technology they need to help their business grow. Most large lease companies and banks look to a business credit score to determine lease approvals and rates – but there aren’t many companies that will help small businesses take that first step to build credit.

That’s where UpgradeUSA comes in. We can help your business get equipment leaeses for all kinds of technology.

  • We’re easy
  • We’ll help you find what you need
  • We speak small business
  • We are well-versed in computers and technology, and can work with you on your needs.

Plus, because we report to Dun & Bradstreet, we can help you build a positive credit history. Just tell us what you’re searching for!

We work to deliver you terms that are extremely favorable. We understand the needs and challenges of small businesses, and we want to help you succeed by providing you with a tool that keeps your capital expenses low so that you can afford to grow your business the right way. And at the end of your payment plan, the technology is yours. You can keep it, resell it, donate it – the choices are yours to make.

You may find that there are tax advantages to using fixed monthly payments as well. Please check with your accountant to learn more.

In addition, we offer one the best early payoff schedules in the business. If your business starts to really take off and you’d rather just pay off the lease, you can do that without any cancelation penalties. We make the entire transaction very easy and transparent.

Customers tell us that they very much like what our leases can do for them. Instead of being forced to spend precious capital on one-time expenses, they can spread out that expense and use the remaining budget to hire a salesperson or engineer – and grow the business!

We have access to hundreds of thousands of technology products, all at reasonable prices. If your company would like a special order, we may be able to accommodate that – just contact us!