UpgradeUSA is Now a Google for Education Partner

UpgradeUSA is Now a Google for Education Partner

Technology in education is evolving at an unprecedented rate. Three years ago, iPads in school were all the rage. However, times continue to a-change, and Chromebooks – small laptops with the Google Chrome Operating System – are rapidly becoming the technology of choice for schools and of educators.

UpgradeUSA has been offering technology on affordable lease payment plans to K-12 schools of all sizes for years, from charter schools and private schools to pilots inside of school districts. We’re now officially partnering with Google for Education to bring a wider variety of tools to the education market. We’re thrilled to be working with Google in this way; we believe that their management system, combined with products available from Lenovo, HP, and others are best-in-class and will help educators:

  • Have better tools for teaching
  • Lock-down their environment while still making available the education opportunities on the Internet
  • Share assignments in a focused way, by classroom or by individual user
  • Introduce students to the responsibilities of taking care of an electronic device that is both durable and powerful
  • Open up doors that we can’t image yet.

The growth that Chromebooks have seen is astonishing:

Graphic Source: Education Week, November 2014

If your charter school or K-12 institution is interested in rolling out Chromebooks but the up-front cost is too scary, we can definitely help. Our lease monthly payment plans move those up-front expenses to a monthly payment that comes out of your operating budget. And our discounted early buyout can’t be beat – you have the option of owning them at any time.  You can use them till the screens fall off!

Let us help your organization get started with Chromebooks and Google for Education today. We’d love to hear from you – contact us today!