Introduction: Top 10 Things to Consider When Your K-12 School Needs Technology

Introduction: Top 10 Things to Consider When Your K-12 School Needs Technology

This is the an introduction to short series of blog posts. Over the past several months, we have been approached by many educational institutions, including private, charter, and traditional K-12 schools, looking for technology such as laptops on lease payment plans. We wanted to capture our recommendations/things to consider into a single succinct post – but there was too much information to share!

So, to start, here’s our pre-amble:

When school administrators have to choose a technology platform, it’s fraught with risk. Will students be happy? Will teachers revolt? What will parents think? There will always be headaches that come from change, but ideally, you’ll have considered all the alternatives in a way that will minimize the pain and maximize productivity. After all, the whole goal of having technology in the classroom is to help students learn!

But although student learning is the primary goal, we have seen first-hand that it’s very easy for individual school administrators to become enamored with the latest hot technology/gadget/etc. We are people, after all, and that’s what people sometimes do.

However, what you use in your home might not always be the best chose for the classroom. We’ve all read about poor technology decisions that blow up in very high-profile ways, such as the Los Angeles Unified School District’s disastrous rollout of 30,000 iPads. No one in the position of educating students, wants that to happen on their watch.

So, to prevent that from happening to you, to serve as a pre-emptive pill of Ibuprofen, your friends at UpgradeUSA have put together 10 things to consider when choosing technology for classroom learning. You’ll be able to find the first few recommendations in upcoming posts.