How We’re Setting Up Small Businesses to Succeed

Many of you have been in the position of starting a business, or know someone who has. It has become a known issue that credit isn’t being extended to small businesses, either in the form of credit cards, lines of credit, or loans. This lack of capital for both high-tech and more traditional businesses is crimping smaller companies’ ability to grow and thrive.

At UpgradeUSA, we are doing our part to help small businesses succeed, through our new Small Business Technology Leasing program. This program is aimed specifically at the millions of small businesses across the country each year that need technology to grow, but find that paying cash for these assets up-front can hurt cash flow. Our lease payment plans can help them afford quality products, and the monthly lease payments are both affordable, consistent, and have a fixed end-date.

Today, we specialize in small-ticket transactions to help enable true small businesses, from 1-10 employees, across the US get the technology equipment they need to grow, on affordable lease payment plans. Our current and prospective clients include:

  • Marketing/video companies who need quality video editing capabilities found in the latest laptops and desktops
  • CPAs who understand the value of cash flow
  • Small offices who need a few computer systems to manage clients and customer service
  • High-tech developers whose eyes will last longer by having a quality retina-style screen on their laptop
  • Business owners who recognize that their organization needs to build credit to get vendor terms

Here’s what makes our small business lease program different:

  • We make it easy – our transaction takes place entirely online, from application to lease initiation
  • Our monthly prices are extremely fair
  • We offer a unique 21-month Fair Market Value (FMV) lease, with an early payoff option available at any time (the longer the customer leases, the lower the early payoff amount is)
  • We have access to just about any high-tech product
  • We help customers build credit every month, by reporting their payments to Dun & Bradstreet

It’s a straightforward program, one customers have been asking us for, and we’re proud to present a quality online-only solution to the market.

If you know small business owners, I’d welcome the opportunity to work with – and learn from – them. Please pass our information on to them, and we’ll take it from there.

Thanks for your support in helping small business customers across the country succeed.