Startup Leasing for TechnologyStartup Leasing Solution
UpgradeUSA’s lease program provides startups with the equipment they need – and predictable cash flow.

The United States has become a hub of startup business activity. From the high-tech world to beauty salons, entrepreneurs have their eyes set on building a healthy, sustainable business that can improve on a need they see in their communities or in the world at large.

Starting a business requires capital. Once business founders are able to secure capital from a bank, friends and family, or even venture capital firms, entrepreneurs are chartered with growing a business in a fiscally responsible way.

UpgradeUSA is proud to offer a service that helps startups and small businesses get the equipment they need, on a payment schedule that is designed to help ease large one-time capital expenses and instead fold them into predictable monthly expenses. Our lease program can help these businesses lower their loan requests, assist with expense forecasting, and can get them the quality products they need to get their startup going – fast!

Our technology lease program for startups is:

  • Incredibly easy
  • Very fair
  • Online only
  • Specialized in doing small deals for small companies
  • Known for concierge-level service, even for small deals

In short, we are supportive of small business and startups, and add a human element to leasing. We enjoy what we do, and we look forward to helping you, too.

We have literally hundreds of thousands of technology items to lease in the following industries, to help startups succeed:

  •  Computer and mobile technology, some of which can be bundled with official Geek Squad service
  •  Technology infrastructure and equipment, including servers, printers and projectors
  •  Point-of-sale (POS) systems
  •  And much more!

And if your business takes off and you’d like to end the lease early? No problem. When UpgradeUSA is your lease partner, your business can pay off early at any time, and the payoff amount gets lower with each payment! It’s simple and easy: we don’t obligate you to pay the full lease value like other companies do.

And best of all, startups can own this equipment at the end of their lease – and they can use it for as long as they’d like, resell it – whatever best fits their needs.

We believe in America’s startup ecosystem, and want to help as many businesses succeed as possible! Please Apply Today or Contact Us to learn more about how we can help startups like yours succeed. If you’re looking for the best – you’ve found it!