Our Philosophy

We Believe in Helping Our Customers Build A Better Future

We know that there are people who want access to the latest technology, but need a payment plan that fits their budget. There are so many people who meet this description across the US; they are our friends and families, and we have seen too many companies take advantage of people who are in the position of needing a payment plan.

There had to be a better way to treat people. So we decided to build it.

We set out to take the high road, to build a company that offers a really tangible benefit as people make their monthly payments on the mobile computers they want and need in their lives: we report every one of our customers’ payments to the major U.S. credit bureaus, every month. We don’t play games with the opportunity we’re presenting to our customers – we built UpgradeUSA to help people get to a better position in life by helping them take steps to establish, build, or re-build their credit.

Our team at UpgradeUSA is transparent and honest, as is our program. Others charge more, hide their true pricing, make customers pay for things that are free, and aren’t flexible with shoppers. We’re not that kind of company.

We would welcome the opportunity to earn your business. Watch the video above, or read a letter from our founder & CEO to learn more about the history behind UpgradeUSA, and the kind of company we are building, one customer at a time.

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