Our payment plans empower people. Let’s build something together!

If you are looking for a laptop or tablet computer on a payment plan, UpgradeUSA is the place for you. We offer reasonable monthly payment plans on every product in our online store – and we make things easy through our online shopping tools. You won’t find these deals in stores – we’re online only!

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Our monthly payment plans offer customers far more than other options in the market.
We can help you build credit, something that layaway and local rent-to-own stores don’t do.

    • We are laser-focused on helping you find a great computer, which you won’t find when companies offer many different products or services.
    • We often take chances on people looking to establish or build their credit. Because we report to all three credit bureaus, this can make a solid difference for our customers.
    • Our prices are more reasonable than other monthly options.
    • We don’t charge interest.
    • For people who aren’t interested in building credit, we also have the PaymentPlanOutlet.com program that offers even lower monthly prices with no credit needed – meaning some substantial savings and real bargains on gaming laptops, Apple laptops, and more! It’s easy to get a lot more for your money through the outlet.
    • We are an independent company that’s not affiliated in any way with payday loans or other unsavory lending institutions.

Our customers are everyone from students to small business owners to people looking to improve their lives through building credit. We have built some fantastic relationships with our customers, and we’d welcome you to apply to join in the fun.

We want to help our customers build a better future, and we encourage you to try out our service to see if it’s for you. Apply today, and let’s see what we can build together!