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At UpgradeUSA, we are committed to helping customers build credit as they make monthly payments for the technology they want or need for home, work, or school.

Build Credit with UpgradeUSA's laptop payment plansCredit comes in many forms: people use credit cards to purchase everything from food to vacations, they use bank loans (mortgages) to buy houses, car loans to purchase automobiles, and so on. Without credit, it would be next to impossible for most people to afford very expensive items such as homes or cars – and many consumer goods such as laptops that they may want or need for their homes or their children.

When people choose to use financing, lenders may loan them money at a fixed (or sometimes variable) interest rate for a period of time. The interest rate lenders quote is often dependent on the credit of the person seeking the loan. When the customer’s credit is bad, if they are able to get the loan at all, it’s usually at a very high interest rate. When a customer has better credit, it means that the amount of interest a customer will have to pay to the lender over time will be much less. Because they will be spending less in interest, better credit provides people more choices over time.

Bad credit happens. Bad credit histories can happen to people for all sorts of reasons. For example, recent immigrants to the United States find that their credit scores get re-set to zero, even though they may have had great credit in their country of origin. Students often find that upon graduation, their credit histories need to be built before they will be given a chance at a reasonable car payment or home loan.

UpgradeUSA is not a credit repair company. Our payment plan program was created for the good people in the situation where they face bad credit or no credit histories, but they want to make a solid effort to establish themselves with a company that will help them build credit over time. The trade lines we give, which we report to all 3 credit bureaus, are designed to help our customers demonstrate their credit worthiness.

UpgradeUSA offers unique advantages. Our monthly payment program delivers reasonably-priced, high-quality laptop and tablet computers, and we report our customers’ payment histories as trade lines to the major U.S. credit bureaus every month. And we do it all online, so you can build credit privately, without having to be inconvenienced by going into a retail store to make payments.

After all, shouldn’t people who prefer to shop online also be entitled to payment plans?

The path to building better credit starts with making consistent payments every month – and seeing that information show up in credit reports – which can make a difference over time. We offer really fantastic products at a reasonable monthly price, treat our customers fairly, and our trade lines provide the benefits of a credit starter program that really works.

We also recognize that for some people, just getting technology like the latest laptop at a low monthly price is more important than building credit. For those customers, we have created an 24-month program – a “payment plan outlet,” where the industry’s top products can be found for rock-bottom monthly prices. Outlet-only products are clearly marked on our products page.

We’ve served thousands of customers with our program. Our customers love us, and we’d like you to experience our service for yourself! Give us a try and Apply Today!

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